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I am humbled, honoured, and grateful to have received the following praise.

"Sonia is a breath of fresh air in the yoga community.

She creates an environment where every body can learn and try and laugh and support each other.

She has a keen eye to offer adaptations when we are struggling,

and gives us options to challenge us if we're feeling confident.

She nurtures a space where we can ask questions without fear and judgement.

Her joy of life is evident in all she does,

and we are truly blessed to have her guide us on our yoga journey."

- Doris W.

"Sonia's inclusive practices in her yoga classes are refreshing!

I have been attending her classes for over a year,

and she is so authentic as a human with real life experiences.

The way she shares her knowledge of yoga and how to adapt the poses is lovely.

Her love of yoga is clearly demonstrated in each class."

- Angela B.

"Sonia is so kind and thoughtful,

and always checks in and makes sure you're comfortable doing poses.

She will go out of her way to find alternate poses for every body,

and she absolutely makes yoga fun for everyone."

- Melanie B.

"Water and Earth Yoga has the best yoga classes I have ever taken.

They are very inclusive and accessible no matter where you are at.

I go with my service dog because I have a disability.

I love that Sonia gives different ways and tools to do each pose.

She is amazing!

I definitely recommend trying her classes!"

- The Three Amigos: Chewie, Budders & Cami


"I have taken 3 of Sonia’s Aqua Yoga classes over the last year and a bit, and absolutely love them!

Sonia has a warm and fun demeanour, and strives to have everyone feel comfortable in her classes.

She makes space for lots of questions for anyone who is new to the practice,

while also uplifting those who have been practising yoga for years.

You can see how much she loves her work,

and how important it is to her to have all bodies have visibility in the yoga community.

Sonia is an amazing teacher!"

- Lisa B.

"Having participated in last night's Yoga for Every Body, I can safely say that

Sonia teaches the most body inclusive, modification packed, food for the soul yoga class.

If you think your body can't do yoga but you'd love to,

Sonia will make you feel like you can master YOUR body's version of yoga."

- Erika W.

"Sonia creates such a welcome environment in her classes,

so you feel comfortable and calm when you walk through the door.

I really appreciate her ability to offer modifications to any pose during Yoga for Every Body,

so I was always able to participate fully in class!

Would definitely recommend if you’re interested in yoga!"

- Sarah T.

"I love Sonia’s classes!

I’ve been in other yoga classes where I didn’t feel comfortable with the instructor and the other students.

When I had my first class with Sonia, she explained all about body positivity. It made me feel great!

Especially since you don’t need to be a super fit person to follow her instructions.

After every class, I feel at peace and thankful for my body."

- Dulce M.

"I love taking classes with Sonia!

She is welcoming and supportive.

She offers a safe space that allows me to tune into my body."

- Micki J.

"Sonia's Aqua Yoga class has helped so much,

not to mention the amazing feeling I leave with after each class!

I look forward to going every week!

I highly recommend Aqua Yoga. I cannot believe this is really a thing!

A calming water element and yoga surrounded by bodies that look just like mine,

taught by an amazing Yoga Teacher who knows how our bodies move and don't.

You really must come experience a class!"

- Sarah F.

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